Redefining Home Sustainability

Passive Living Project – Under Construction

Our Passive Home Team

General Contractor: Vanco Construction Incorporated 

Architect: Appel Design Group, PA Architects – Larry Weintraub AIA 

Building Science Consultant: BluPath Design, Architects – Paul Thompson AIA, Laura Blau AIA 

Passive House Consultant: Holzraum System – Ilka Cassidy, BluPath Design – Paul Thompson AIA 

Passive House Energy Rater: Revireo 

Passive House Certification: Phius CORE 2021 

Panel Design: Holzraum System – Steve Hessler, Ilka Cassidy  

Panel and Timber Frame Fabricator: New Energy Works 

Mechanical Subcontractor: Schaibles Plumbing & Heating 

Others: ICF, Zola windows, Zehnder ERV, Mitsubishi HP, etc.

What is a Passive Home?

A Passive Home, also known as a Passive House, is an innovative, energy-efficient building standard designed to create comfortable, healthy, and sustainable living spaces. It achieves exceptional energy performance by using high-quality insulation, airtight construction, and passive solar design principles, drastically reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

At Vanco Construction, we’re leading the way in sustainable construction practices by taking on the ambitious project of building one of New Jersey’s largest Passive Homes. This endeavor reflects our unwavering commitment to eco-conscious building solutions, where we apply cutting-edge construction techniques and materials to create a home that significantly reduces energy usage, while providing a comfortable and healthy living environment for its occupants. We’re excited to be part of this groundbreaking development, showcasing our expertise and dedication to building a greener, more sustainable future for our community.

The Build